is played by two players on an enclosed court with a
floor area of 9.75m by 6.4m.

Players strike the ball alternately on to the front
wall, which is 4.75m high and has an out-of-bounds board
measuring 480mm across the bottom.

A match is the best of five games, with points scored
only by the server (traditional scoring system). When
the server wins a rally, he or she scores a point; when
the receiver wins a rally, he or she becomes the server.

To start a match, the server stands in either of the two
service boxes and hits the ball off the front wall. The
ball must hit the front wall between the service line
and the out of court line; it must then rebound and land
in the back opposite quarter of the court.

Once the ball is ‘in play’, the rally continues,
providing the ball hits the front wall above the ‘tin’
and below the out of court line. If the receiver wins a
rally, he or she takes over service and the opportunity
to score.

A match is usually the best of five games and the player
who reaches nine points first with a margin of two
points wins the game.

If both players are at eight points, the receiver can
choose to set the game to eight or nine points; a
two-point winning margin is not necessary.

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