history of football in Pakistan is as old as the country
itself. With the establishment of Pakistan in 1947, the
Pakistan Football Federation came into existence on the
5th December, 1947. Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah,
father of the nation, was graciously pleased to become
its Patron-in-Chief and the Pakistan Football Federation
was recognised by the International Football Association
(i.e. FIFA) in early 1948.

The Pakistan Football Federation had a chequered career
to start with and in 1950, – the general meeting of the
Council the Federation was recognised and put on proper
footing with Alhaj Khawaja Shahabuddm. as its President.
Wing Commander Soofi was unanimously elected as the
Honorary Secretary.

The game was organised with the National Championship
being held annually. Pakistan for the first time in 1950
sent a national team to Iran and Iraq to gain experience
at the international level. In 1954 Pakistan
participated in Asian Games at Manila and also toured
the Far East. In 1958, Pakistan again took part in the
Tokyo Asian Games. Pakistan also had been taking part in
the annual Asian Quadrangular Tournament.

In Pakistan, the game has not been able to develop as
smoothly as it should have developed. Pakistan’s
participation in international competitions has not been
regular. Football has soared to new heights in the
world, especially in the European and Latin American
Countries. Many changes have been made in its technique.
Today, a football match between two balanced sides is
considered to be the most exciting spectacle on a sports
field. Professionalism has given football new
dimensions. But in Pakistan, the standard of football
has gone downwards rather than moving up-wards.

The standard which had been achieved in the 50s, could
not be maintained. Football Could not be organised on
modern lines. To make the game professional in Pakistan
seems a far cry. Groupism among the organisers has
seriously hindered its smooth progress in Pakistan. To
put the game on right path earnest efforts are the need
of the hour.

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